What is Daily Money Management?

Jane MacKenzie Home & Business Support Services offers seniors and entrepreneurs customized personal assistance managing routine paperwork and related financial matters.  It’s like having your own personal secretary!  You may benefit from a few or more of these confidential services.

Sample services for both seniors & entrepreneurs:

  • Open and sort incoming mail
  • Review any backlog of unopened mail
  • Pay bills – keep track of due dates, assist with payment
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Set up and do data entry on financial software such as Quicken & QuickBooks
  • Organize, file, archive and purge personal or business related paperwork
  • Troubleshoot billing errors
  • Organize statements, receipts and documents for taxes

Sample services especially for entrepreneurs:

  • “Ghost writing” blogs or newsletters
  • Create or maintain a social media presence
  • Online research
  • Special projects

Sample services especially for seniors:

  • Remove client from magazine, catalog, charity and junk mail lists
  • Verify charitable donations are legitimate
  • Protect client from fraudulent e-mails, scams or solicitation
  • Provide light computer, iPad, smart phone support
  • Assist with arrangements for other service providers, such as home care
  • Assist with arrangements to move into assisted living

For general information on Daily Money Management, please review this article on legal website Nolo.com.

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