Americans spend 7,000% more time watching TV than they do on their finances

This is so true – although I consider myself better at keeping track of personal finance than some people, I have recently been noticing all the ways I waste time.  I admit that bookkeeping is not my favorite activity.   I tell my clients that keeping up with financial and other personal paperwork is like doing dishes.  You don’t need to deal with it every minute, but like dishes, it piles up quickly if ignored.

“We won’t keep up with the Kardashians if we’re too busy watching ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians,’ experts note.”

Source: Americans spend 7,000% more time watching TV than they do on their finances – MarketWatch

5 common financial struggles faced by people over 60

Daily Money Management can include troubleshooting for these and other financial related matters.  Please consider asking for help (or advising a friend or relative to ask for help) if needed.

An analysis of consumer complaints filed by people 62 and older shows that many seniors are struggling with debt, reverse mortgages and other aspects of their finances.

Source: 5 common financial struggles faced by people over 60

3 Great Workday Morning Routine Productivity Tips

Even if you are retired, it is important to set aside “deskwork time” to pay bills, do online research, respond to email or phone messages, move forward on projects etc.  Some of these things just won’t get done on a random basis, and devoting small amounts of time consistently is the key to staying caught up!

Introducing ‘Mine O’ Clock’

Source: 3 Great Workday Morning Routine Productivity Tips – Motto

12 Reasons You Will Go Broke in Retirement

Some excellent tips from Kiplinger’s…each of them is a bit of a project – try to consider one at a time.  #4 “Stop Spending” is a good start. Some people do a formal budget, others just try to cut expenses across the board, on each purchase.

Some of these tips are more complex, such as investing in stocks and being certain you are adequately insured.  Review your existing arrangements and see if there is room for improvement!  If your paperwork is not organized, and you struggle to manage projects, I can help you build a strong foundation for these financial related projects.

“The most frequently reported retirement worry is outliving savings and investments. Learn how not to.”

Source: 12 Reasons You Will Go Broke in Retirement

How to prepare your finances for widowhood – MarketWatch

From my experience, many women in the “Greatest Generation” and Baby Boomer demographics have relied on their husbands to handle financial matters.  It takes some time to build confidence in this area, but life is for learning!  We women can improve our financial management skills, and we can also learn how to enlist trustworthy help.

This checklist can help you remain financially secure if you lose your spouse.

Source: How to prepare your finances for widowhood – MarketWatch